Composer Rohan Staton has been producing soundtracks for hit TV shows and films for many years: Style By Jury, Brides of Beverly Hills, Arresting Design, Mutant X and Relic Hunter are enjoying syndicated broadcasts around the globe.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Rohan is known around town as a dynamic guitarist/performer. He's performed with popular artists such as Divine Brown, Jully Black, Ivanna Santilli and One, to name a few.  He's shared stages and studios with some of the world's top session players for award shows, film soundtracks, TV series and CD projects. Career highlights include live stage performances with funk guru George ClintonThe English BeatJevetta Steel , Ken Tobias and Sebastian Bach.

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Style By Jury
Totally Tracked Down
Mutant X
End of Days Inc.
Arresting Design
Brides of Beverly Hills
Getting Along Famously
Relativity - Original Kin
Chef Off
Esther, Baby and Me


Tracks used on Lifestyle and Reality TV

Tracks are for longer underscore